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November 13th, 2016

“You are among the nicest people I have ever known, both staff and volunteers. You will never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you have shown”

November 13th, 2016

“You are all so kind and made me feel like a respected human being again and not just a prisoner’s wife. Believe me that was so comforting and humbling.”

June 3rd, 2016

The charity HALOW (Birmingham) operates a designated help and support line for the families and friends of prisoners at HMP Birmingham on 0121 598 8050

Macmillian Cake and Coffee afternoons

The Staff and visitors at HMP Oakwood Family Pathway Centre rasied a total of £253 during our Macmillan cake and coffee afternoons, “thank you for your support to a good cause”. for more information visit Macmillan’s website: www.macmillan.org.uk

HMP Featherstone Childrens Work over Christmas

Over the Christmas period the children have been making and personalising their own Christmas arts and crafts to in the visitors’ Centre in HMP Featherstone, we also had the opportunity for Father Christmas to visit during the Christmas week for all the children to meet and be given a gift. This was well received by the visitors and the child

HMP Oakwood's Community Engagement

Over the last few weeks, the children have been creating their own tree decorations for the HMP Oakwood Family Pathway Christmas Tree. Once dressed, the FPC tree took part in a Christmas Tree Festival at a local church near to Stafford. Over 40 trees were exhibited in the church over the weekend of the 2nd to the 4th December 2016. The FPC tree was

Xmas Arts and Crafts

Over the past few weeks the children have been making and personalising their own stockings to display next to the Oakwood fire place in the Family Pathway Centre, create a warm relaxing display.

HMP Featherstone QAVS Ceremony

HMP Featherstone QAVS Presentation Ceremony On 29 September 2014, the Lord-Lieutenant visited HMP Featherstone Visitors Centre to present volunteers with their Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services. The Help & Advice Line for Offender’s Wives, Partners and Families (known as HALOW (Birmingham) for short) started life in the mid 1980’s in

Oakwood Supporting Children who Visit

One of our prisoners has a family of 4 children, two girls and two boys. The oldest boy who is 7 years old suffers from severe Autism. Before we took up our posts as children’s workers his mother told us that he would become quite anxious waiting to be called through for the visit. He would listen for his group to be called and would get anxious wa

Oakwood Family Support

An initial telephone conversation highlighted the need for better communication between prison staff and external organisations that have contact with prisoner’s families, such as Education, Healthcare and Employment etc. The prisoner (male aged 31 years) has a son (aged 8 years) who was experiencing several issues coping with the loss of his fathe

Case Studies
September 2016

Mr D is a 56 year old grandfather. He is visited regularly by his partner, daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren aged 5 & 3. The 2 girls were extremely shy at visit times but with our help overtime have become more confident. Our playworker has worked with mum and granddad to encourage the girls to come over to the play area within the visi

More Birmingham
Case Studies

Mrs a and miss b brother was convicted and sentenced last week. They were shocked and horrified to learn the details of his crimes and couldn’t reconcile the man that they had grown up with and the monster portrayed in court. There was no doubt as to his guilt and no denial on his part. They were heartbroken to be thrown into this new world of pris

Enabling Families Project

HMP OAKWOOD FAMILY PATHWAY CENTRE ENABLING FAMILIES PROJECT Our ‘Enabling Families’ workshop programme based at HMP Oakwood Family Pathway Centre aimed to increase awareness and understanding of the impact of imprisonment on prisoners’ families, particularly children. Over 12 months September 2014- August 2015 we successfully engaged with 558 staff

World’s Biggest
Coffee Morning

We held a cake sale to support McMillans ‘ World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’. All staff and volunteers either baked or donated a cake. Non bakers amongst the team made cards and cup cake flower arrangements. Sheila Steventon volunteered to man the cake stand and the afternoon proved very successful with both staff and visitors. We were extremel

HMP Swinfen
Case Studies

A visitor was very nervous on their first visit. They had limited spoken English and required more help and support. I spent time explaining to the visitor the extra support they can receive with travel expenses as she was in receipt of benefits. I helped complete the application form and gave a list of useful contacts regarding for the prison and

HMP Stafford
Case Studies

Pauline, a 55 year old grandmother told us that her 22 year old son was desperately worried about his two children, a boy of 4 and a girl of 2. His partner had a drug addiction. Pauline often visited her grandchildren. From time to time the partner had taken the children to hospital with falls, bruises and a broken arm. On one occasion the boy had


CASE STUDY HMYOI BRINSFORD The Deputy Manager (DM) of the centre recognised some visitors who had been to this prison previously. The female visitor (F) came with her partner, who the DM also knew. F was quite distressed as she had one son in HMP Oakwood and now a further son at HMYOI Brinsford. The DM took them aside and spoke to both F and her pa

Birmingham Family
Case Study

A mother and father entered the Visitors’ Centre on an afternoon enquiring about their son who had recently come into the prison. They had telephoned the booking line the day before but were unsuccessful in booking a visit as their son had not filled in the necessary paperwork with their names, addresses, dates of birth and relationship to him to b

Case Studies November

Mr D. has 3 young boys under the age of 5 The boys are very boisterous and at times their behaviour is a challenge for their mother. At visiting times I strived to occupy them with various activities to ensure mum and dad had some time to discuss matters without constant interruptions and demands of their children. The 2 older children appear to be

Family Support
Case Studies

Ms S travelled from Swansea with her eight year old daughter. They set off at 4am as their visit was early on a Saturday morning. They were both tired and upset when they arrived at the Visitor Centre. Ms S didn’t bring enough ID to be able to go on her visit and became quite abusive when she was turned away. I looked at the ID she had presented an