Case Studies
September 2016

Mr D is a 56 year old grandfather. He is visited regularly by his partner, daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren aged 5 & 3.

The 2 girls were extremely shy at visit times but with our help overtime have become more confident. Our playworker has worked with mum and granddad to encourage the girls to come over to the play area within the visits hall to take part in activities provided by HALOW

I spoke to mum about getting a place on a Family Day. we referred them to be placed on the list and they were accepted on the July Family Day. It was a great success for the family as the girls enjoyed the day immensely and interacted with other staff and children. Grandad spent time helping them with the arts and crafts activities.

Visit times for the girls are now a more enjoyable and less anxious time for the girls.

Mr T is a father of 3 children 13, 9 and 7. His partner is feeling very distraught over the situation of his imprisonment.

On several occasions we have spoken to his partner at length explaining prison life and all the visiting procedures.

On several occasions we have sat for a considerable length of time and spoke with her and the children explaining what they should expect when they went over to the visits room, and what id was required etc They all seemed to be very grateful for this time to ask their own questions. we were able to put them further at ease by giving them activity books to occupy them whilst waiting for the visit.

Their mother thanked us afterwards for all our help and time.

Building on connections with local school and community.

Recently we have made some connections with the local school and some community workers who work in the area.

This has enabled us to have several volunteers to support us with activities on Family Days and we have been able to lend sports equipment from the local school to use in activities also.

Every day we deal with problems queries on the spot, these can include

  • Names not on a visit
    No i.d for children
    Late arrivals
    Property requests etc

HALOW Case Studies & News

Families & friends of HMP Birmingham survey

Please can domestic visitors of HMP Birmingham follow the link below and complete this survey. The survey is only short, consisting of 7 questions. Thanking you in advance.  

A family from the travelling community has been attending Homework Club at HMP Oakwood FPC each Tuesday evening for 12 months; within the family are two boys aged 5 and 3. The elder boy would enter the centre initially quite boisterous, running in and out of the play area, around the tables where people eat, pushing his little brother around on a

A young mother was observed with two small children. The eldest (2 years old) was seen to be running around, letting himself out of the doors, taking toys from other children and not responding to his mothers requests. The Children’s Worker (CW) talked with the mother and found out the child had autism – she explained he struggled wit

Macmillian Cake and Coffee afternoons

The Staff and visitors at HMP Oakwood Family Pathway Centre rasied a total of £253 during our Macmillan cake and coffee afternoons, “thank you for your support to a good cause”. for more information visit Macmillan’s website:

HMP Oakwood's Community Engagement

Over the last few weeks, the children have been creating their own tree decorations for the HMP Oakwood Family Pathway Christmas Tree. Once dressed, the FPC tree took part in a Christmas Tree Festival at a local church near to Stafford. Over 40 trees were exhibited in the church over the weekend of the 2nd to the 4th December 2016. The FPC tree was

Xmas Arts and Crafts

Over the past few weeks the children have been making and personalising their own stockings to display next to the Oakwood fire place in the Family Pathway Centre, create a warm relaxing display.

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